What people are saying about Cook Fat Free non-stick Cooking Liners…

Here are comments from people that use and know our products.

Bert Johnston. Queensland.

My Wife gave me a BBQ hotplate liner last Christmas. She had brought it at a BBQ’s Galore store. I looked at it and thought, what has she been sucked into now. I will admit that I didn’t use it for a couple of months.

After one particulary messy BBQ I was moaning to my wife about the mess all the marinade makes on my hotplate and how long it takes to clean. She reminded me of the Hotplate liner she bought for me. Hoping to prove her wrong I got it out read the instructions and put it to the test. I was blown away at how easy it was to clean – even the stickiest marinade wiped off.

The hotplate liner stays on my BBQ hotplate and I now cook every thing on it. I have to now say it is one of the best gadets she has bought me.

Sarah J Smythe, Remuera Auckalnd.

I bought a frypan liner from Hinton Enterprises Ltd at the Good Food Show in Auckland last year. Less then six months before I had spent $120 on a new frypan and in no time everything was catching on the bottom and I started having to add oil to stop food catching.

Now that I have the liner in my fry pan nothing sticks and I can easily wash the liner in hot soapy water. It was much cheaper then buying another new frypan, and far more environmentally friendly. Since then I have brought other products from Hinton Enterprises and I find that their service and delivery is always prompt and efficient.

Mrs J Wison, Canterbury New Zealand.

I saw Hinton Enterprises on an advertorial on the Good Morning Show about 6 years ago. I am not one to buy from TV ads but the products looked so good and practical. At the time as part of the promotion when I bought the roasting pack I was given a 6 pack of the Muffin Magic liners. After I used the muffins liners for the first time I phoned and ordered another two packs they work so well even on the low fat bran muffins.

The roasting pack I am now onto my second pack and would never roast without them. They do all that they say they do and more.