risotto 2Ingredients

2 tablespoon butter or oil
1 onion finely diced

2 garlic cloves, crushed
2 cups Arborio or carnoroli rice
½ cup white wine
5 ½ cups liquid chicken or vegetable stock
salt and freshly ground black pepper
¼ freshly grated parmesan cheese
2 tablespoons chopped Italian parsley

1. Melt the butter in the pressure cooker and cook the onion and garlic for 2-3 minutes then add the rice and stir for another 2 minutes.
2. Add the white wine and stock and season with salt and pepper. Lock on pressure cooker lid and set to high pressure (II) bring up to pressure reduce heat and maintain the pressure for 6-8 minutes.
3. Use the Natural release method to reduce pressure.
4. Stir through the parmesan cheese and parsley before serving.

This is a base recipe and can be easily adapted by just keeping 6 cups liquid to 2 cups of rice.
Vegetables like mushrooms, peas and asparagus are best lightly cooked and stirred through the finished risotto.
Leftover or cooked chicken or ham can be added with the stock and cooked with the risotto.

Serves 6-8