Spit Kebab Kit


Spit Kebab Kit

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Product Description

Important: This product is only available for sale and shipping within New Zealand.
This Spit Kebab Kit has many uses.

A great camping accessory for a picnic at the beach
Use as a rotisserie box or change to a cook kebabs of the direct heat.
Can be used on a flat top BBQ
Kettle BBQ 57cm Dia

The Box is adjustable from 280mm to 460mm (Max) L x 260mm W x 140mm H
4Kg rated motor and works of 1 x D Battery(not included)

Spit shaft 2 piece to screw together with a handle and extension piece.
2 Spit Prongs
Spit Basket -adjustable height for sausages vegetables fish, chicken wings etc.
8 Kebab skewers to

Box is Black enamel Non Stick finish 260 degrees temp rating