Smoker Box Kit


Smoker Box Kit

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Product Description

The Stainless Smoker Box itself is 100mm x 60mm x 20mm (about the size of a card pack).

This size fits neatly under the grill, either on the flame tamers or the lava rocks.It is also a good size for a measure of pellets to give plenty of smoke to your roast meals. The lid has a single hole through which the smoke passes.

To use simply fire up the BBQ with the filled smoker box in position, when the smoke starts to evolve add the food you wish to smoke and close the lid. The smoke will only continue for 10 -15 minutes by which time the effective smoking will have taken place. At this point you can add other foods to cook that you don’t want to be smoke flavoured.

Comes with two single use sachets of wood smoke pellets – Hickory and Jack Daniels to try. Refill pack  10 use bags of Hickory, Savoury Herb. Pacan Nut, and Jack Daniels are available.