Sandwich or Panini Grill Liners


Sandwich or Panini Grill Liners

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Product Description

Non Stick Sandwich Press Liner

Grill Magic non-stick Liner

If you hate cleaning your grill or sandwich press this is a must. Your can kick out the fat and kick out the hassle off cleaning. Grill Magic is perfect when the non stick surface has come off your grill or sandwich press.

Grill Magic is designed to use on all flat and angled grills and sandwich presses.

  • Perfect to Grill Chicken breasts
  • Perfect to Grill Fish Fillets
  • Perfect to Grill Bacon without all the mess.
  • Perfect to Grill Hash Browns
  • Perfect to Grill sandwiches or panini flat breads.
  • Perfect to Grill just about anything.
  1. Place one liner on the bottom of your grill/press cut to fit with scissors.
  2. Turn the grill or press on.
  3. Place the food you wish to cook on top of the liner.
  4. Cover with the extra liner and close the lid.

The fat will still drain away if you have an angled grill.
When you have finished cooking you take the two liners out of your press wash them in hot soapy
water dry and place them back into you press to store ready to use next time.

Remember you don’t need to butter the outside of your sandwhich they will still brown .
And you are Cooking Fat Free!
Contains 2 x 300x 400 non- Stick liners.